Commercial Landscape Services in Plano

Helping You Attract New Business

At Yellow Rose Landscape Services, we have handled commercial landscaping projects and services for over 36 years for our neighbors in the greater Dallas area. Our trusted landscapers provide a wide variety of services, such as lawn maintenance, design, and irrigation repair. If your commercial property is in need of a cosmetic update, our professionals would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your project.

Some of our commercial services include:

  • Commercial Landscape​ Maintenance: Rather than simply mowing the grass or trimming trees, our comprehensive commercial maintenance services provide a wide variety of other important tasks, such as fertilization, weed control, irrigation system inspection and repair, drainage solutions, landscape enhancements, seasonal color installation, and shrub trimming.
  • Commercial Landscaping Design and Construction: Unsure of how to update your landscape? Looking to draw in new customers to your business? Contact our Dallas-Fort Worth landscaping experts and let us create a custom landscape layout for you! From new shrubbery to the installation of new water fixtures, our team has the skills and expertise you deserve.
  • Commercial Irrigation Services: Our team at Yellow Rose Landscape Services provide regular inspections on all irrigation systems and use the most updated technology in water management. We even have technicians to handle repairs, modifications, and additions to existing systems. To find out more about our irrigation services, reach out to our offices today!
  • Commercial Lawn Care and Certified Tree Care: We are an active member of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) and have a certified arborist who will guarantee your landscape’s longevity is stable for years to come. We can provide installation, pruning, removal, fertilization, and root flair excavation. If you’re looking to protect your lawn for years to come, you owe it to yourself to contact our staff.
  • School Maintenance: We can ensure that every aspect of your school’s irrigation system and landscaping needs are handled properly with our modern water management technology and professional installation and maintenance services. Whether your school needs an entire lawn or garden, or the existing irrigation system needs professional troubleshooting, our team at Yellow Rose Landscape Services is happy to assist you!
  • Athletic Field Maintenance: We know that sports are a huge part of our culture, and maintaining the athletic fields where sports happen is essential to ensuring they continue!

Need more information regarding any of our services? Set up an appointment with one of our Dallas-Fort Worth landscaping company by calling (972) 248-2373!