Residential Landscape Maintenance Services in Plano, TX

Keep Your North Texas Lawn Looking Great Year-Round

Do your neighbors all seem to have lush lawns and beautifully trimmed hedges? If you’re looking for a landscaper to boost your property’s curb appeal, you can’t go wrong with Yellow Rose Landscape Services. Our residential landscape maintenance services in Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas come highly recommended. Our professionals can improve the appearance of your home’s landscape in no time. Aside from our design and construction services, we also offer affordable packages for residential home maintenance services to ensure your property looks pristine year-round. Reach out today for more information or an estimate from our friendly, experienced team!

Residential Maintenance Services in Plano

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What’s Included in Our Residential Maintenance Packages?

Maintaining your lawn, trees, and other landscaping elements can be a considerable amount of work. Luckily for you, Yellow Rose Landscape Services makes it a breeze, thanks to our residential landscape maintenance services. Whether you need our residential landscaping services weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly, we would be happy to customize a package so your landscape gets the tender love and care it needs to thrive. Our residential landscaping maintenance packages often include:

Tree Trimming, Stump Removal, and Other Tree Care Services

There’s a lot of work involved with keeping trees on your property healthy and looking their best. Trees must be trimmed to ensure they don’t have any loose limbs that could be a safety hazard, especially in a storm with strong winds. Occasionally, trees become diseased and must be removed. Whether you need tree planting, tree trimming, or tree and stump removal services, let the Yellow Rose team take care of all your tree care needs. We belong to the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), with a certified arborist on staff to take excellent care of your trees.

Our Lawn Aeration Services Produce Healthier, Thicker Lawns

The secret to a lush lawn is keeping it healthy with our professional lawn aeration services. Aeration improves the amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients getting to your lawn’s root system. The result is healthier, thicker grass growth to make you the envy of the neighborhood. North Texas soil gets naturally compacted with built-up clay. Lawn aeration allows the roots to spread out, so your lawn can breathe. Signs you could benefit from lawn aeration include discolored or dry grass and constant mud puddles. Lawn aeration services are typically recommended in the fall or spring.

Expert Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services

If you yearn for a yard that’s healthy, green, and free of weeds, be sure to ask about our expert lawn fertilization and weed control services. Rely on our nearly 40 years of landscaping experience to deliver exceptional lawn care. Every lawn is unique. We’d be happy to take a look at yours and recommend the best treatment schedule for your specific type of grass. We know all the ins and outs of the industry to deal with hundreds of weed species that could be threatening your lawn’s health. We’re also knowledgeable about the local growing and soil conditions to ensure your lawn is in the best hands.

Benefits of Our Residential Landscape Maintenance Services

Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities to help you maintain your property’s value. Because first impressions matter with potential home buyers, keeping up your home’s exterior appearance is crucial to your curb appeal. With the right landscaping, any property can look beautiful and well-kept. However, it’s not always easy to find enough time to keep your property in tip-top shape, especially when you juggle working full-time with raising a family and managing a social life.

Hiring a professional landscaping service offers you worry-free maintenance. Landscapers have the necessary equipment and expertise to keep properties looking pristine. You’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy being outdoors in your yard without ever having to lift a finger to mow the grass, rake the leaves, or trim the hedges. You’ll also save time and money without having to overexert yourself on those hot and humid summer afternoons. Enjoy your free time and a gorgeous landscape when you call the residential landscaping experts at Yellow Rose Landscape Services!

Why Choose Yellow Rose Landscape Services in the Plano Area?

Established in 1981, Yellow Rose Landscape Services is one of the most trusted landscaping companies in the Plano and DFW area. Our family-owned business has grown from humble roots and three employees to include over 100 landscaping experts now available year-round. Our comprehensive residential home maintenance services with a detail-oriented approach offer homeowners peace of mind. Because no two properties are alike, you can count on us to customize a landscaping maintenance package with tree and lawn care to meet your needs. We’ll work within your budget to develop the best maintenance schedule to ensure your landscape remains lush, green, and healthy for years to come.

Contact Us to Inquire About Our Weekly and Monthly Packages

At Yellow Rose Landscape Services, we customize our landscaping maintenance packages according to your needs. From lawn mowing and tree care to lawn fertilization and weed control, we’re proud to be a one-stop shop for all your landscaping services. Whether you prefer us to come weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly, you can expect to receive excellent customer service. Getting a beautifully maintained landscape begins with a simple phone call and a one-on-one consultation. Contact us to learn more about our residential landscape maintenance services in the Plano and DFW area.